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Q: Why was my vehicle ticketed?

A: There are four main reasons why your vehicle may be summonsed or ticketed:
For one, when your vehicle stops, stands or is parked at a place and time which is prohibited by  a posted sign or signs.

(2) When your vehicle is stopped, standing or parked at a prohibited location without street signs, for example, in a crosswalk, intersection or near a fire hydrant or safety zone.
(3) When your vehicle is parked in a time limited zone such as at a meter or muni meter. For example a vehicle parked at an expired meter may be ticketed.
(4) Where the status of your vehicle is defective or expired such as an expired inspection or registration sticker. Also a commercial vehicle which is "unaltered" may be summonsed while legally parked.

Q: What is a parking ticket?

A: A parking ticket is a summons issued to the registered owner of a vehicle parked on a New York City street. Yes, the ticket is issued to the registered owner of the vehicle. It is estimated that about 10 million of these tickets are issued each year in New York City. About 75% of all tickets (summonses) issued are never contested, and thus parking tickets have become a great source of revenue for City governments. New York City parking ticket fines range from $35.00 to $180.00, and there are over 30 agencies currently involved in the issuance of parking tickets.

Q: Do I have the right to fight/dispute my ticket?

A: Yes, you have the right to fight/dispute each and every ticket. A lot of tickets are technically faulty or should not have been issued in the first place, and we encourage you to have them dismissed using our proven system. Click here to speak with a Judge about your  tic now. REVIEW YOUR PARKING TICKET
Q: How long do I have to fight my parking ticket?

A: Technically, you have up to 90 days to fight a ticket before it ends up in judgment. Once judgment is entered on the ticket (after 90 days), it becomes more difficult as you first have to explain why you failed to respond, before being allowed to pursue your substantive defense. It is best to fight your tickets when they are initially issued or soon after you receive the "Notice of Outstanding Violation" from New York City Department of Finance.

Q: Can my vehicle be towed before the expiration of the 90 days?

A: Remember that the whole of New York City is a tow-away zone, meaning that your vehicle can be towed for parking illegally- however your vehicle will not be towed simply because you owe a ticket which has not gone into judgment. The right to tow arises after you have failed to respond or pay for your ticket (after 90 days) and your tickets in judgment exceed $350.00 in total. There is therefore ample time for you to submit a good defense to have your ticket dismissed. Note, once the ticket is dismissed the fine and penalties are also dismissed.

Q: Do I have to rush to pay my ticket once I receive the Notice of Outstanding Violation?

A: No, do not hurry to pay. We say, this is the time to consult a Judge and have your ticket dismissed. CONSULT JUDGE NOW 

Q: How many types of parking tickets are issued in New York City?

A: Currently, there are two main types of parking tickets being issued in New York City: the tickets that begin with the number "7" and those that begin with the number "1". Each New York City parking ticket is made up of 10 digits. The "7" tickets suggest that the ticket was issued using one of those portable electronic devices. The information scanned on your vehicle at the time of issuance goes straight into the New York City system. Our adjudication experience has taught us that even these "so called computerized tickets" contain a great deal of technical errors and that is why we encourage you to have them dismissed using our system.
    The "1" ticket suggests that the ticket was manually issued by the officer. Naturally these contain an even greater percentage of errors which could lead to the dismissal of your ticket as the information is usually written or shaded in. The "1" tickets might take up to three weeks before being entered into the New York City system.

Q: Who makes the final decision on parking tickets in New York City?

A: The Administrative Law Judge is the one who makes the final decision on your ticket. The Judge decides whether to dismiss or find you guilty of the violation. The Judge is trained to review your ticket and your defense in a particular manner. He is an attorney who works as an independent contractor.
    The brains behind this sight are former judges of the Parking Violations Bureau, hence the advantage you get when you use our system. Our system enables you to think like a Judge and teaches you how to avoid some of the common errors and pitfalls most people fall into when adjudicating their tickets.

Q: How do I get a copy of a ticket which is lost or misplaced?

A: You can obtain a copy of your ticket from the New York City website at: nyc.gov/finance.
(i) Select Parking Tickets (on the right side of the screen)
(ii) Select Parking Tickets under the "Search-or-Pay For" screen.
(iii) Select the violation number box if you already know your 10 digit ticket or violation number. Enter the 10 digit number of your ticket and click on search. (Every New York City parking ticket is made up of 10 digits. Do not include the dash that appears just before the last digit).
(iv) Search for the ticket and click on the image section of your ticket (on the right) to print out an official copy of your ticket. This is the same ticket the judge will refer to when adjudicating your ticket, so we recommend that you base your defense on this copy. You may however use the copy served on your vehicle, if it is clear enough for your to read the information.

Q: What happens if I dont know my violation or ticket number but want to find out if there are any tickets pending against my vehicle?

A: You can still search for any tickets that have been issued against your vehicle by going to New York City website: nyc.gov/finance.
(i) Select Parking Tickets (on the right side of the screen)
(ii) Then select Parking Tickets under the Search-or-Pay For screen.
(iii) Use the box labeled "Search by Plate Number"
(iv)Enter your vehicles plate number.
(v) Enter the State your vehicle is registered in by using the drop down arrow.
(vi) Check your vehicles registration document and select the right Plate Type of your vehicle.
(vii) Click on search to locate tickets issued to your vehicle.

Q: Why can't I find my recently issued ticket?

A: Most tickets issued with the portable electronic devices are available either on the same day or within a couple of days. All the tickets generated from these devices begin with the number "7". If your ticket begins with the number "7" it most likely will be posted within a few days.
    The manually issued tickets all begin with the number "1" and may take anywhere form 2 to 3 weeks before they show up on the New York City website - This should not force or rush you into paying since it is better to fight your ticket with a legible or readable ticket using our system. REVIEW YOUR TICKET
: What do I do if my ticket's violation code or charge is not legible?

A: You can view the violation code of your ticket on the New York City  website if your ticket is not legible/ readable: nyc.gov/finance.
(i) Select Parking Tickets (on the right side of the screen)
(ii) Use the drop down arrow on the right to select "Check Parking Ticket Status". Click on "GO".
(iii) Enter your ticket or violation number in the box and click on search.
(iv) The information displayed on this page will include your ticket code, plate number, state, description of your violation, date and location where your ticket was issued.
    If you wish to obtain an actual copy of your ticket for adjudication (for disputing) click on the search for parking ticket column below, and download a copy of your ticket using the image column.

Q: Where and how do I send payments to New York City?

A: There are various ways of sending payments to New York City. You can either pay on line, by visiting the New York City website, or pay in person at any of the five help centers (there is one in each borough of New York City) or make a check or money order payable to New York City Department of finance and send it to their address at: NYC Department of Finance, Parking Violations, P.O. Box 2127, New York, NY 10272-2127.


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